The Strange Becomes Reality in Wizard101’s Bizarre New World of Novus 

The Strange Becomes Reality in Wizard101’s Bizarre New World of Novus 

The Wizard101 developers have gone mad and created a new world unlike any other previously seen in the game 

AUSTIN, Texas, November 30, 2022 – KingsIsle Entertainment and gamigo have launched the strangest world yet to Wizard101. Adding to the game’s impressive stable of worlds, Wizards can now journey to Novus, a bizarre world based on surrealist art, a gift to the peoples of the Spiral, a gift from… someTHING. 

What is Novus? Where did it come from? Why is it here? The answers to these questions will shake the very foundations of the Spiral. Wizards must reach this place, explore it, master new forms of magic, and navigate the complex politics of the Spiral’s Empires to preserve Novus from those who would corrupt it. 

“We came up with the core idea for Novus several worlds ago, but the narrative wasn’t ready for it. We’ve never done anything like this before. It’s esoteric, it’s existential, and has more political intrigue than worlds past. But as the story, the art, the world building and design started to come together, I knew it was going to be great.” said Sam Johnson, Narrative Lead at KingsIsle. 

Novus will be filled with a new storyline, new areas to explore, friends and foes, and bosses in addition to new spells, items, and gear. Wizards will also be able to level up to 160 from the current 150. 

Novus is part of Wizard101’s Fall Update which also introduces new spell masteries to help players win that next battle, diverse new Beastmoon event characters, exotic new upgrades to Castle Magic to maximize decorative abilities for player Castles, several new enhancements to guilds and other social systems, and much more. 

Learn more about Novus and the Fall Update for North American servers at: 

About Wizard101 

Featuring over four times as much content since it was first introduced in 2008, Wizard101 players keep coming back for engaging story-driven gameplay across 20 worlds, deep combat, pet systems, and passionate community. Over more than fourteen years, Wizard101 has continued to evolve and entertain nearly sixty million players. 

Wizard101 receives major updates on a regular basis in the spring, summer, and fall seasons. The game is available from or on Steam. 

About KingsIsle Entertainment 

KingsIsle Entertainment, established in 2005, is a proven MMO hit-maker with nearly 60+ million registered users across both our MMOs with vibrant and strong communities. Since its foundation, KingsIsle has devoted itself to family-friendly gameplay, and has built an audience that reaches from pre-tweens to their grandparents. Our award-winning game Wizard101 is currently in its 14th year and Pirate101 is in its 10th year. 

About gamigo group 

The gamigo group is one of the leading publishers of online and mobile games in Europe and North America. The group’s diverse game portfolio includes free-to-play titles such as Fiesta Online, Trove and Aura Kingdom and mobile games like Fantasy Town and Heroes of Twilight. Counting more than 400 employees, gamigo group is one of the largest players in the gaming industry. Besides its German locations in Hamburg (HQ), Berlin and Darmstadt, the gamigo group also has branches in Austin and Bellevue (US), and in Seoul (South Korea). In addition to gamigo AG, the group includes the subsidiaries gamigo Inc. operating as “WildTangent”, gamigo US Inc., gamigo Publishing GmbH and KingsIsle Entertainment, Inc. The gamigo group strives to grow organically as well as through acquisitions. Since 2013, it has made more than 25 acquisitions, including titles, gaming and technology companies as well as individual game assets. The gamigo group is part of Media and Games Invest (MGI). Learn more about gamigo group at Learn more about MGI at