KingsIsle Entertainment Launches Latest Update for Wizard101 

KingsIsle Entertainment Launches Latest Update for Wizard101 

New Crying Sky Raid Update Delivers New Content, Customization Options, and Event Updates 

AUSTIN, TX – July 26, 2023 – KingsIsle Entertainment, renowned creator of the popular MMORPG Wizard101, is excited to announce the launch of its latest update, The Crying Sky Raid. This innovative release introduces several new features to enhance gameplay, including an eagerly anticipated new guild boss challenge, increased customization options including name and gender changing and new PvE and PvP events.  

The highly anticipated Crying Sky Raid is the heart of this update, a brand-new guild boss challenge that will push even the most experienced wizards to their limits. In this thrilling team raid for max level wizards, players will return to the ruins of the world of Azteca, fighting a cult of insane dinosaurs in an epic battle against a Cosmic Horror. The raid  adds a fresh dimension of strategy and collaboration to the game, offering exciting raid gear and other rewards, such as new gear, pets, and jewels for taking on the unprecedented puzzle challenges. 

The update will also give players more character personalization options than ever before with the new name and gender change feature. Players will now have the freedom to change their characters’ names and gender one (and only one) time, offering the opportunity to redefine their wizard’s identity. Also added are a bunch of new names to select from to make each wizard even more distinct. 

Further enhancements include updates to Challenge Mode, an option for players to experience boss fights at two different difficulty levels and their resulting rewards. The enhancements create a more tailored gaming experience that suits players of different skill levels. 

“The Crying Sky Raid update has something new for all levels of wizards.  The raid itself immerses our most veteran wizards in a challenging romp through Azteca which will take unparalleled skill and coordination,” said Artie Rogers, Design Director of KingsIsle Entertainment.  “The rest of the supporting features add long-awaited customization, challenging new ways to experience existing content, and quality of life features to make your time in the Spiral even more enjoyable.” 

Meanwhile, fans of the monthly Beastmoon Hunt and Beastmoon Monster Mayhem events are in for a treat. New options, rewards, and gameplay improvements give players an enriched Beastmoon experience, either for team-based PvP  skirmishes or PvE  boss monster hunts. Unique rewards are also up for grabs, including new event pets and beastforms. These updates  take the fun, excitement, and competitive spirit of these events to new heights. 

Lastly, The Crying Sky Raid update also improves the Hatchmaking Kiosk, giving players the ability to expand their pet collection and, best of all, making it easier to hatch their pets with a friend or another player. Players can search the kiosk, see if the owner of a pet is online, and then hatch with them in person for half the normal hatching cost. Pets hatched this way allow them to earn lending rewards, giving players the opportunity to really grow their pet collection. 

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About Wizard101  

Wizard101 is a magical turn-based CCG MMORPG full of wizardry and mystery! Players create their own Wizard, build their spell deck, and team up with friends to embark on a whimsical story-driven journey spanning 19+ far-off worlds. As Wizard101 reaches its 15th anniversary in 2023, it continues to evolve and engage its over fifty million players in North America and Europe with regular updates throughout the year.  

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