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November 15th, 2013


PLANO, TEXAS (Septembr 19, 2013) – KingsIsle Entertainment’s Wizard101 released the all-new world of Khrysalis today, continuing the players’ journey to stop the evil Morganthe. Wizards will also discover a long lost and powerful Shadow Magic while in pursuit of levels now up to 95.

“This is a very exciting release for Wizard101,” said Josef Hall, vice president and creative director at KingsIsle. “Not only have we introduced an epic new world to our Wizards, but also we’ve released an entirely new form of magic that really amplifies a Wizard’s capabilities.”

Khrysalis is a vibrant world filled with flying and walking insect-inspired creatures. It is here that Wizards will discover the long lost, dark Shadow Magic. Shadow Magic is an ancient and powerful force that can be as dangerous to the caster as to the intended target. Be prepared, Wizards, as this magic changes the game….

This content release is packed full of other exciting additions and enhancements. Castle Tours gives Wizards the ability to open up their castles for other Wizards’ viewing pleasure. Visiting players can vote on how much they like the castle. The Player versus Player Tournament system is also expanding to include new tournament types including a quick match.

The complete set of update notes for this Wizard101 expansion can be found here:

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