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Elie Akilian — Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Elie founded KingsIsle Entertainment in January 2005. Elie brings a wealth of business management experience to KingsIsle, and an approach that fosters creativity. He is focused on attracting top talent, pushing their creative boundaries and challenging them to excel.

Prior to KingsIsle, Elie co-founded Inet Technologies, Inc. in 1989, and took the company public in 1999. He served as its President and Chief Executive Officer from April 1999 until the sale of the company to Tektronix, Inc., in September 2004. Prior to becoming CEO of Inet Technologies, Elie served as its Executive Vice President responsible for product development and then as Executive Vice President of sales and marketing.

David Nichols — President and Chief Operating Officer

David has a wide variety of experience in operations, publishing, and financial management which he brings to KingsIsle. In addition to his financial background, he possesses an in-depth understanding and knowledge of the video game industry.

Prior to joining KingsIsle, David was with Midway Games Inc., and subsidiaries from 1995 to 2004. Most recently, he served as Midway's Senior Vice President - Administration and Operations from January 2002 to November 2004. Prior to that, he served in various management roles with Midway's wholly-owned subsidiary, Midway Home Entertainment Inc., from June 1995 to January 2002, including Executive Vice President - Operations.

Josef Hall — Vice President & Creative Director

Josef's extensive knowledge of the technical challenges relating to the development of massively multiplayer online games provides a valuable addition to the KingsIsle team. In addition to his technical background, he is integral in game design, and is the co-creator of Wizard101, KingsIsle's first online title, and new release Pirate101. Mr. Hall has many years of experience in managing technical teams in entrepreneurial environments.

Prior to joining KingsIsle, Josef followed a long-time dream and co-founded the online game company Wolfpack Studios, Inc. While at Wolfpack, he functioned in many roles, including serving as President, and was instrumental in creating a technology platform used in the development of the MMOG title Shadowbane. Josef was involved in all aspects of product design, development, and business operations up until the acquisition of the company by Ubisoft Entertainment. Prior to Wolfpack, Josef developed a Data Migration Engine technology and led a team of technical consultants as Director of Professional Services at Reliant Data Systems.

David Rosen — Vice President of Marketing

David Rosen brings KingsIsle a breadth of knowledge with more than 15 years of experience developing innovative marketing strategies within the game industry: from working with teams focused on disk-based HD console and PC titles to guiding developers through evolutionary platforms like eCommerce, digital media and live-service games.

Ultimately, Dave’s ability to craft meaningful partnerships between Marketing and other development teams is his specialty. David previously held Marketing roles with GREE International Entertainment, Electronic Arts, VG Holding Corp. and Bleacher Report, working with franchises including The Godfather, NBA Live, Burnout, Medal of Honor, Knights & Dragons, DragonSoul and now KingsIsle’s library of games.